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1.Certification standards: TCVN international standards;

2.Certificateobject: The products and goods.

3.Benefitsof using the service certificate of QAC Vietnam

  • Get the value after each evaluation;
  • Enhance credibility and competitiveness on the domestic and international markets;
  • Create trust of our customers, consumers and communities with prestigious of Vietnam Quality  Mark and Mark recognized internationally;
  • Reduce production costs by reducing the cost of handling defective products, cost and test time evaluation during the delivery process, the bidding;
  • Certificate of conformity of products is the reliability of evidence and accepted in the tender;
  • Some products must be certified according to the quality of goods law.
  • Meeting the statutory requirements of a number of countries and have the opportunity to overcome many technical barriers in the world market;
  • To satisfy the increasing demand of consumers for quality and safety of products.
  • Use the results of standard conformity certification of standard conformity;
  • Services after the certification of rich Vietnamese QAC: Provide legal documents related; support for training; hearted answer questions, quickly;
  • Package Services;

4. Certification mark

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