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  1. Certification Standard: ISO 9001;
  2. Object Certification: All organizations, regardless of size, owner
  3. Benefitsof using the service certificate of QAC
  • Get the value after each evaluation;
  • Enhance credibility and competitiveness in the domestic and international market. Create trust with customers;
  • Promote improvement activities, improve the efficiency of use of resources reasonably;
  • Services after the certification of QAC rich: Provide legal documents related; support for training; hearted answer questions, quickly;
  • Minimizethe second assessment;
  • Certificateof global value;
  • PackageServices


  1. Certification standards: TCVN international standards;
  2. Certificateobject: The products and goods.
  3. Benefitsof using the service certificate of QAC Vietnam
  • Get the value after each evaluation;
  • Enhance credibility and competitiveness on the domestic and international markets;
  • Create trust of our customers, consumers and communities with prestigious of Vietnam Quality  Mark and Mark recognized internationally;
  • Reduce production costs by reducing the cost of handling defective products, cost and test time evaluation during the delivery process, the bidding;


Inspection is the examination and overall assessment for most objects. Expertise related to the measurement, test, and evaluation criteria applied to confirm certain specific technical parameters related to the object of assessment. Common assessment results are compared with the requirements and standards designed to formulating objectives for the assessment object. In international trade, countries, people buy goods often require assessment before goods on board (PSI).


Why need to use Quality Testing services products before shipment?
Use the pre-shipment inspection services can reduce the risk due to inconsistent quality and reliability of products. The risks need to be controlled from the stage of product design smoothly until the entire product cycle. Pre-shipment inspection service is a useful tool for determining the effect the last time the suitability of the product, packaging, packing, labeling and specifications rather



QAC is committed to become the leading training service provider. We propose certified training program far more extensive traditional training. Our training programs are designed available for businesses and various training programs with different training methods in our classes.
To help foster enterprise, improve knowledge and management capability, QAC Viet Nam regularly organize training classes for those enterprises and individuals.


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